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The Fall River Youth Violence Prevention Initiative is a collaborative effort directed toward empowering our citizens to become involved in the reduction and prevention of youth violence in our community. The movement emphasizes the ideal that no one program, organization, grant, or approach can solve the problem of violence. Our expanded partnership of various violence prevention efforts allows us to move closer to achieving a shared vision of peace for our city and work together on positive youth development.

Youth Violence Prevention Initiative

The Fall River Youth Violence Prevention Initiative utilizes different methods toward the goal of eliminating youth violence.

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These approaches include involvement in:

  • Shannon Community Safety Initiative grant
  • Safe & Successful Youth Initiative grant
  • Primary Violence Prevention through Positive Youth Development grant
  • Youth at Risk: Secondary Violence Prevention and Intervention through
    Positive Youth Development grant
  • Bristol YouthWorks Program
  • Opportunities for collaboration including the School Community Partnership
  • Involvement in the Fall River Trauma Response Team
  • Community sharing of violence prevention resources and community-related events via email, website, and social media
  • Development of Fall River Youth Violence Prevention Steering Committee
    and its Strategic Plan

For more information call Re-Creation at 508-679-0922

45 Rock Street, Fall River, MA 02720